The annual conference is one of the most entertaining and educational meetings around, usually covering a broad range of topics and with a number of interesting or amusing social activities (such as firewalks, trivia quizzes, magic shows). It is usually held in August or September, and tends to alternate between North Island and South Island venues.

2020 Annual Conference

This years conference has been deferred until 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has disrupted, and continues to disrupt our lives and our society, has placed new and unexpected burdens upon many of those who help organise our events. The unfortunate result is that there is simply insufficient time, etc, to be able to put into a conference to make it work. Our apologies and sincere thanks to all those who were looking forward to attending. What a pity that psychic powers aren’t real, otherwise we might have been able to see this coming!

DATE: mid to late 2021