Police check pyramid link to gunman

Sandra Roberts

Police are checking for any link between gunman Brian Schlaepfer’s “slightly eccentric” behaviour of meditating in a pyramid and his role in the Paerata massacre.

Detective Inspector Kalvin McMinn told Sunday News police were aware of Schlaepfer’s pyramid meditation and would include details in a report to the coroner.

… Regardless of how Paerata gunman Brian Schlaepfer used the power of his pyramid at the bottom of his garden in Ostrich Farm Rd, the end result has been nothing short of destructive: seven people dead, a family in tatters and a community in shock.

And the mystery of what turned the simple-living 64-year-old into a killer is as great as the secrets entombed in the pyramids of ancient Egypt.

According to prophets, pyramids have almost miraculous healing properties. They claim pyramids reduce the crime rate and improve the health of communities in which they are built, and offer hope to people who seek their strength.

So what went wrong with the pyramid used by Schlaepfer? Maybe it was built incorrectly and so Schlaepfer received no positive vibes, theorises New Zealand metaphysician Raymond Bain who flew to London this week for a month-long conference to study ways to improve the world.

He says people don’t understand the power of the pyramids and that it can be like putting people in front of a high-powered motor car…

– From the Sunday News, reprinted in NZ Skeptic 24, June 1992.

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