CSICOP has been trying to have available, both to its staff and to anyone else who wishes to use it, the finest library of skeptical materials on the paranormal in the world. We have been gathering material for this collection as a part of the Center for Inquiry’s library, under the direction of Dr. Gordon Stein. He has been combing the used bookstores of the country for appropriate material.

We would also like to appeal to you. We need your generous help in filling the runs of journals and books that we have been unable to find. Anything (either pro or con, including paperbacks, but no science fiction or other types of fiction) would be welcomed as a donation. We would be glad to give you a valuation for income tax purposes. CSICOP is a 501 (C)-3 charitable organisation.

If you have material that you would like to donate, please write Dr. Stein at the Center for Inquiry, 3965 Rensch Road, Amherst, NY 14228, briefly describing what you would like to donate. Thanks for your help.

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