The NZ Council of Homeopaths is touting for business following Christchurch´s earthquake, claiming that their products will help with sleeplessness, anxiety and even disease despite having admitted earlier this year that their products contain no material substance other than water.

“It´s appalling to see these people exploiting those who are frightened or anxious by making unsupported claims to boost their business,” says NZ Skeptics media spokesperson Vicki Hyde, herself a somewhat-shaken resident of Christchurch.

Homeopathy vastly dilutes any ingredient to the point where it is no longer present in the water, equivalent to putting a pinch of something into th
e Atlantic Ocean. Homeopaths admit that there is nothing but water left, but believe that the water somehow “remembers” what had once been in it.

“Given the concerns we have had with sewage contamination in Canterbury´s water supply, I´m very glad water doesn´t have a memory!” says Hyde. “But it´s terrible to see homeopaths, health shops and even pharmacies flogging off tiny bottles priced at $10 for a teaspoon of water. Even worse when we know that 94% of homeopathy users aren´t even aware they are buying nothing but water or sugar tablets.”

Instead of boosting the bank balance of questionable alternative health practitioners, Hyde says she would recommend giving money to the Red Cross earthquake relief fund, and talking with friends, family and neighbours to help de-stress.

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