Psychic at NZ Skeptics Conference “Sensing Murder” psychic Sue Nicholson will face a potentially more difficult audience than speaking to the dead when she appears at the New Zealand Skeptics annual conference being held 6-8 September in Wellington.

Nicholson’s presentation will focus on her experiences as a psychic-medium over the past 21 years. While the NZ Skeptics have been critical of the psychic industry, which they consider is based on techniques well-known to psychologists and magicians, they nonetheless remain interested in what makes someone believe they have special powers.

“We applaud Sue’s willingness to talk with us — many people working in this profession are very reluctant to expose themselves to any critical scrutiny,” says Skeptics spokesperson Vicki Hyde.

She is quick to add that “critical” in this case involves a spirit of genuine interest and inquiry, even if proof of spirits from the after-life continues to be elusive.

In lieu of a speaker’s fee, the Society will be making a donation to Women’s Refuge.

A conference registration refund is being offered to anyone who is able to demonstrate their own psychic powers by successfully revealing the contents of a sealed envelope during the three days of talks and workshops on skepticism and science communication.

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