The NZ Skeptics, along with the NZ Association of Rationalists and Humanists, offer a one hundred thousand dollar (NZ $100,000) prize to anyone who can prove that they possess a supernatural or paranormal ability, or are able to defy a well-established scientific principle.

Until recently the well known skeptic Stuart Landsborough, of Wanaka’s Puzzling World, offered a $100,000 psychic challenge. After three decades of supposed mind readers and spirit talkers attempting to win his prize and failing, he ended the challenge upon his retirement. The NZ Skeptics consider this new challenge to be the “spiritual” successor of his amazing work.

To win our prize, and conclusively prove the Skeptics wrong, you must first be invited and then you need to agree to a controlled testing protocol, where your ability will be examined scientifically and rigorously. An independent judge will oversee our testing to ensure we all follow our agreed protocol.

Although the challenge is available through invite only, you are welcome to submit your name and the details of your ability to the NZ Skeptics if you think they can do something that defies well-established science. Or you can send in the name of someone else you think is pulling the wool over people’s eyes. Simply email us at, or fill in the form below:

    You can read the rules of the challenge for more details.