For skeptics in New Zealand, we’ve collated some useful resources for you. Whether you want to complain about something you’ve seen that’s nonsense or even dangerous, learn more about local skepticism and skeptical groups in your local area, connect to national organisations that are doing good work or just listen to people talking about skepticism as you drive to work, we’ve got you covered.

New Zealand Government & NGOs

If you want to take part in some skeptical activism and have found something that’s not right, here are some useful links to places you raise your issues, and potentially submit a complaint.

If you’re in Wellington, you can also ask for help and advice from the local Skeptical Activism group who meet every other week – check out the Meetings section below.

Societies and Organisations

If you’re able to help out with your time or money, and have interests outside of skepticism in New Zealand, consider joining these other organisations:


Check out our Social page for links to Skeptics in the Pub meetings, our annual conference and more!


Check out our official podcast, Yeah… Nah!, to listen to what’s happening in New Zealand’s skeptical circles. You can also listen to old episodes of New Zealand’s now defunct podcasts, The Cusp and Skepticism Today.

  • Yeah… Nah!
    The official Podcast of the New Zealand Skeptics, featuring fortnightly news of skeptical interest, and focusing on issues relevant to New Zealand.
  • The CUSP – discontinued
    A now discontinued monthly podcast with Craig Shearer, Siouxsie Wiles and Nathan Grange, looking at skeptical topics locally and overseas.
  • Skepticism Today – discontinued
    Another discontinued podcast, from a group of Wellington based skeptics, with a focus on science and activism.
  • The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
    A weekly podcast from the New England Skeptical Society, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe discusses the latest news and topics from the world of the paranormal, fringe science, and controversial claims from a scientific point of view.
  • The European Skeptics Podcast
    The main focus of the podcast is to support European level actions within the skeptical movement and build bridges among skeptics all over Europe.

Useful Primers

In the past we’ve put together handy resources on relevant topics to New Zealanders, to help combat some of the nonsense we see spreading in our country.