The annual conference is one of the most entertaining and educational meetings around, usually covering a broad range of topics and with a number of interesting or amusing social activities (such as firewalks, trivia quizzes, magic shows). It is usually held in August or September, and tends to alternate between North Island and South Island venues.

2021 Annual Conference

This year’s conference is a joint effort with the Australian Skeptics, and we will be live-streaming the event with many interesting and thought-provoking speakers. The conference talks will also be available to watch after the event.

We’ve set a low ticket price of AUD $40, which amounts to around NZD $42 – a lot less than it would have cost to attend an in-person event.

Now is the time to get your tickets booked. It’s on the Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November. Please go here to book.

Part of the fun of a conference is being able to connect with like-minded folk. We’re still hopeful of being in a situation where local groups could gather for a Saturday evening dinner after the livestream has concluded for the day. Watch this space and hopefully we can make this happen.