The NZ Skeptics Society is a non-profit body that exists to promote critical thinking.

Not all claims have equal value. For instance we all can believe that gravity exists without question, however we should ask for a little more evidence when an “expert” tells us that the Moa is alive and well and living in Moana!

The Society was started in 1986 by Denis Dutton and Bernard Howard, amongst others. We currently have around 400 members and our annual subs are only $40 for waged and $20 for unwaged. Please take a look around, and we would be delighted if you would like to join.

In the News

  • NZ Skeptics announce 2015 Awards

    The Pharmacy Council has been awarded the 2015 Bent Spoon Award from the NZ Skeptics for proposing a change to their Code of Ethics that would allow the sale of healthcare products that have not been shown to work.

    The Pharmacy Council is responsible under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act for setting standards of ethical conduct for pharmacists in New Zealand.

    Section 6.9 of their 2011 Code of Ethics states that pharmacists can only supply or ...

  • Pharmacy Council Response Submitted

    Pharmacy Council Code of EthicsThe NZ Skeptics sent a submission to the Pharmacy Council last Friday in response to the Council’s consultation on a suggested change to their Code of Ethics. Thanks to all our members who took the time to visit pharmacies and send us your reports about what they had to say about homeopathy.

    We know of at least three other submissions that were in a similar vein to ours, ...

  • More Skeptical Thoughts

    Mark HoneychurchWhile Siouxsie Wiles has been away from NZ, our Chair Mark Honeychurch has been covering for her on Graeme Hill’s Weekend Variety Wireless radio show. Siouxsie will be back on the radio next week (18th October), but in the meantime here are the recordings of Mark’s latest appearances:

  • Skeptical Thoughts

    Graeme HillOur current chair, Mark Honeychurch, has been filling in for Siouxsie Wiles recently on Graeme Hill’s Weekend Variety Wireless show on RadioLive. He’s had fun chatting with Graeme on the Skeptical Thoughts segment, and has talked about rugby injuries, therapeutic paint, the igNobels and the Republican Primary, amongst other topics.

    Here are links to the recordings:

    Keep an ear out – he may ...

  • Pharmacy Council Submission

    pcnz-logoWe are looking for skeptics around the country to help the NZ Skeptics Society gather evidence for a submission we will be making to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand. We need people to visit pharmacies around the country and gather information about how homeopathy is sold and promoted. Unfortunately, we have limited time to gather this information as our proposal needs to be submitted by the 1st of ...

2016 Conference

Our 2015 Conference was a huge success. Our next conference will be held somewhere in Southland in late 2016. The conference website will be updated when we know more.

Skeptics in the Pub

These informal gatherings are for socially orientated skeptics in various cities. The events are organized independently of NZ Skeptics, although many of the attendees are members and they are sometimes organised in conjunction with NZ Skeptics activities such as lectures.

Upcoming Events

NZ Skeptic Journal

Financial members of the NZ Skeptics receive the quarterly NZ Skeptic journal, 24 pages of the intriguing, interesting and, sometimes, infuriating. We also make PDFs available online for those members who want even faster access to the information.

Selected extracts are freely available for anyone to peruse.


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