This report is part of the NZ Skeptics’ Submission to the Pharmacy Council‘s consultation of their Code of Ethics.

The pharmacies below are were found by a quick google search to be promoting the sale of homeopathy in New Zealand. This list is by no means exhaustive. The text shown under each pharmacy’s name was copied from the supplied URLs in early September 2015.

Lincoln Mall Pharmacy

We are a friendly team based in eco-friendly Waitakere City. We are a group of registered pharmacists, qualified homeopaths and knowledgeable pharmacy assistants. This pharmacy was originally started by a New Zealand pharmacist who trained in England and held a special interest in homeopathy. A popular service we provide are concise acute homeopathic consultations

Lincoln Mall Pharmacy offers a range of homeopathic medicines to treat a wide range of illnesses and concerns.

Whether you have a small rash or are looking for a more holistic treatment to an underlying issue, we have a range of options.

Stay Well Pharmacy


Pregnant? On lots of medication? Have allergies? Homeopathic remedies offer gentle solutions to common complaints without the nasty side effects of many drugs. We stock the most popular ranges in New Zealand.

Pain Relief

Headache, Joint pain, Back pain, Stomach pain, Period pain, Arthritic pain, Pain from Sports injuries, the list goes on…

…Do you want pharmaceutical treatment or homeopathic? Is the pain local or referred, chronic or acute? Don’t just listen to the Marketers, listen to the medical experts.

Life Pharmacy Manukau

Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripewater 60ml is an all-natural allergen-free homoeopathic formula that provides soothing support for wind, colic, upset stomach, bloating and hiccups.

Maungatapu Pharmacy

The Quit Smoke Pack contains Quit Smoke Withdrawal that supports the body through the process of giving up smoking. Quit Smoke Craving tablets help the body cope with tobacco cravings and are a useful substitute for cigarettes. Quit Smoke is a non-drug nicotine free programme that is not habit forming.

Best results are obtained when using both products together. Quit Smoke can be especially useful for pregnant women who should avoid potentially toxic nicotine replacement therapies. Vitamin B complex, Zinc and Vitamin C supplements may be beneficial.

Prices Pharmacy

Weleda ARNICA 30C 30ML

  • Is a high dose supplement
  • Used to treat bruising and sprains
  • For athletes and those active in sports

Massey Amcal Pharmacy

Auckland pharmacist Martin Harris says there is good evidence for homeopathy in the field of quantum physics.

“There’s no placebo-controlled, double-blind randomised controlled trials using one remedy and one result because homeopathy doesn’t work that way, it works on energy,” Mr Harris says.

Conventional medicines have been proven to have side effects and contraindications, but pharmacies still sell them, he says.

Mr Harris, who specialises in nutrition medicine, admits he is no expert when it comes to homeopathy, and his Massey pharmacy sells only a few homeopathy products.


“Treatments such as homeopathy, nutrition counselling and acupuncture are all associated with naturopathy, and may be great avenues to consider if you’re suffering from chronic illness.”

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