There is much upheaval among the stars this month. Jupitor moves into the house of Aquarius. Aquarius goes to stay in Gemini’s house for the weekend. Meanwhile Saturn moves into the house of Aries for a nominal rent while the builders damp-proof his rings. (They should be out by Thursday).


If today is your birthday: A special event could happen today. You will be receiving mail from friends and relatives. A good day for receiving things. There is a strong possibility of cake. People may be nicer to you than usual. But do not be deceived, it is only a flash in the pan. You will be feeling a little bit older. You will meet a stranger, though he may not talk to you. Try not to go near any Bengal tigers.

Another serene month for Aquarians, who are gentle, non-violent people.

You will be feeling moody and restless. A good month for beating up Aquarians.

A new project lies ahead. It could be beating up Aquarians.

A good period for attending to money-matters. Form a gang and go round mugging Aquarians.

Do not neglect your loved one as an Aquarian will try to chat them up. A good month for knuckledusters.

You will be upset by events around you. Don’t try to hide your feelings. Take it out on an Aquarian.

Who the hell do those Aquarians think they are anyway?

A happy phase, but take care not to tire yourself out. Don’t beat up too many Aquarians.

Sometimes you feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day. You must learn to delegate. Appoint someone to duff up your quota of Aquarians.

You may have some trouble concealing the bodies. Waste ground is always a good bet, or failing that a lift shaft.

Some good luck is coming your way. An Aquarian will step out in front of your car.

A time for prudence. If your birthday is on the cusp with Aquarius, keep very, very quiet about it.

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