Some of you may recall Mike plugging the following two books at the conference. Both are concerned with the anti-science backlash, promulgated mostly by the academic left in the USA: post-modernism, relativism, radical feminist critiques of science, ethnocentric science, and so on. It’s a movement that’s beginning to assert itself here, and we should be informed.
Higher Superstition, by Gross and Levitt (Johns Hopkins 1994, pb 1998) — The book that started the controversy. An excellent introduction. The Flight From Science and Reason, ed. Gross, Levitt, and Lewis (Johns Hopkins, 1997) — The proceedings of a conference sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences. Numerous different authors and subjects.
The Victoria University Book Centre are offering a 10% skeptic’s discount on both volumes, and are happy to take orders from all over. The price will depend on what the dollar does, so do ask. If you’re interested, contact Jayne or Helen: Ph (04) 496-5516; Fax (04) 471-2124;

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