For some years the Skeptics have had a collection of videotapes available for members to borrow. These are on topics thought to be of interest to skeptics, including firewalking, spontaneous human combustion (unrelated to firewalking!), homeopathy, UFOs, alien abduction, etc. and have been sourced mainly from material broadcast in New Zealand.

The quality of the tapes varies, as the librarian lives on the Coromandel Peninsula where reception can be difficult at times, but all are watchable. A complete listing of titles available can be found on our Web site, but the following are amongst the most interesting titles in the librarian’s opinion:

“A Case of Spontaneous Human Combustion” QED BBC 1989 30 minutes
An excellent BBC programme starting with descriptions of actual cases of seemingly inexplicable consumption by fire of several human bodies.

The Man Who Walks on Fire BBC 1985 40 minutes
A classic documentary for fire walking skeptics…follows a class led by British fire-walker/martial artist/hypnotherapist Hugh Bromiley as he prepares them for a walk across 4m and 8m firepits.

“ESP” We’re Only Human TVNZ 1987 30 minutes
Brian Johnstone presents an interesting series of ESP tricks performed by Dr David Zimbardo visiting New Zealand on a “psychic mission”.

“Spiritual Healing” Foreign Correspondent TVNZ 1992 15 minutes
A brief but interesting and relatively balanced look at the healing scene in the UK.

“The Greenhouse Conspiracy” Equinox CH.4 UK 1990 60 minutes
This interesting programme takes a sceptical look at the current predictions of global warming and concludes that the evidence is not as sound as we have been led to believe.

“Miracle Cure” 48 Hours CBS 1992 60 minutes
An interesting look at those who believe in miracles and miracle cures, mainly in the USA.

“The Green Buster” 60 Minutes TVNZ 1993 60 minutes
A long overdue sceptical look at the Greenpeace cult and its worldwide anti-whaling campaign over the years.

“Homeopathy — Medicine or Magic?” QED BBC TV 1990 30 minutes
A very interesting look at the state of homeopathy in the UK in the 90s including its use by some “conventional” doctors and vets.

“Miraculous Healing” The Body in Question BBC 1978 60 minutes
One part of the superb series presented by Dr Jonathan Miller in the best BBC tradition.

James Randi NZCSICOP 90 minutes
American skeptic and professional magician James Randi giving his most amusing presentation at the 1993 Christchurch Skeptics Conference.

Ordering Instructions

All tapes are freely available for lending to interested paid up members in PAL VHS format. Please contact the tape librarian:

Alastair Brickell, RD2, Kuaotunu, Whitianga Tel/Fax: 07-866-5343

The loan of the tapes is free of charge. However, the NZCSICOP does not provide funds for the operation of this service so any small donation is gratefully received to cover costs of postage, tape and mailer carton purchase, photocopying, etc. In the past members have often donated about $5 per order but stamps, blank tapes, etc. would also be appreciated instead.

Overseas skeptics may be able to borrow these tapes but a charge will probably be levied to cover the cost of making a duplicate tape. Phone or fax (+64-7-866-5343) for further information.

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